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Body Upgrades for
Volkwagen vehicles

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Body Upgrades for Volkswagen Vehicles

Volkswagens are known for their durability and longevity, and they last for years even if they take a beating along the way.  Unfortunately, the wear and tear that accumulates from years of consistent use eventually results in a dated or damaged exterior body, and the car’s appearance suffers for it.  If you want to make your VW look and perform as though it was still the day you first drove it out of the dealer lot, you’ll want to consider utilizing a diverse array of Volkswagen aftermarket body upgrades.  From new car doors to high-gloss grille replacements, there are plenty of ways to touch up, and even overhaul, the look of your VW.

As one of the largest individual body panels on the entire car, the appearance of the hood often serves as a greater predictor of the appearance of the rest of the car’s exterior.  If it’s in good shape, most of the rest of the car probably will be as well, and vice versa.  If you’re dealing with a damaged, dented, scraped up, or otherwise dated stock VW hood, you can replace it with one that’s more streamlined and impressive looking.  A fiberglass hood is lightweight and sleek, while a carbon fiber hood is both those things and highly durable as well.  Either choice would serve well as a hood replacement.

Body Kits
For a more all-encompassing kind of vehicular body upgrade, many drivers use full body kits.  With new front and rear bumpers, side skirts, and other aftermarket exterior components replacing outdated stock ones, these new parts don’t only revitalize the look of your car, but can even improve upon it.  If you’re a fan of customized options and appearances that stand out from the norm, a VW body kit may be the way to go (though you’ll want to avoid anything so out-there that it could hurt your vehicle’s potential resale value).

A dull set of rims doesn’t really hurt a car, but that’s like saying that not telling the truth is not the same as lying.  In both cases, there’s plenty of room for improvement, and rims can really pop as aesthetically pleasant pieces when the right set is installed.  Whether you like bold, ultramodern black rims, a colorful array of designer rims, or some subtle and stunning chrome-colored ones, they’re all going to stand out more than muted gray rims that come standard on most passenger cars.  In other words, since your wheels let your car move, you should let your car’s wheels move you.

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